Linux Advocacy Should Be Positive

Tux Linux Mascot

Linux Advocacy – My Take

I recently had something of a debate on the meaning Linux Advocacy and thought I should offer explanation of my take on it.
Before that, to clarify my background: I’m not by any means an uber-geek, one of those people who seem to see matrix-like code streams everywhere and solve any tech issue with a few simple key-strokes (Oh, how I wish…). My tech skills are more limited to the other side of the code, as an end user.

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Online Security

I wondered today about how many of us criticise those that fall victim to identity theft and related crimes without first thinking “Could that have been me?” Its very easy to think that you’re well protected because of all the firewalls and antivirus software you’ve installed on your computers, and you’ve got that antivirus thing on your smartphone and you have that habbit of using one hand to cover the PIN number you’re entering on the keypad at the ATM when you withdraw cash. Surely, only an idiot who doesn’t follow such simple precautionary measures could fall victim to identity theft or cybercrime.

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